Chatting in Kate Winslet’s home is done face-to-face not phone-to-phone

How much social media is safe and healthy for kids? What age is appropriate for kids to be involved in social media? According to oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, face-to-face conversation is far more important than what takes place online. In fact, Winslet’s three children, Mia 15, Joe 11 and Bear 22 months are not on any social media. Kate […]


Time for rehab Kermit!

Think you’re safe popping on an episode of “The Muppets” for your kids while you throw in a quick load of laundry? If it’s ABC’s new adaptation of “The Muppets” – think again! Who doesn’t love Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy? We all grew up trying to mimic lines and all had our favorite character! Every episode was […]


One of my secret weapons for great health!

From the moment us moms wake up and our feet hit the floor, we want to give our best to all of those around us, from kids, husband to co-workers. Many times, we forget to take care of our own body. There are constant battles we face that without a strong immune system, we would be […]


Protect your loved ones – your iPhone, iPad, iWatch and anything else ‘i’ related…

You hear a crash and panic sets in. You quickly turn your head to get a glimpse of your 2 year old’s freaked out look as you see your brand new iPhone smashed in 1,000 pieces on the floor. After letting out a high pitched scream, your heart stops beating as you realize – there […]


Kari (mom of 10) gets her van!

How moms and their kids can make dreams come true with little time and money!

Have you ever wanted to be a Christian version of Oprah? I have. Let me explain. I have always wished I had billions of dollars like Oprah, so I could just go out and buy whatever people needed or write a check to someone for a million bucks. Seeing that isn’t the case currently, like many of you moms, […]

IMG_6117 (2)

David (Daleiden) vs. Goliath (Planned Parenthood)

A hero is a person who puts their very life on the line to save another human being. David Daleiden – an anti-abortion activist – is such a man. He did one of the most couragous acts I’ve heard about in recent history knowing full well that he would be burning a target on his forehead. […]


Don’t miss out on your greatest talents & potential! Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

So many of us, myself included, have spent more time in our lives trying to improve the things we are not good at, instead of developing our strengths. We focus on improving our weaknesses in order to get a job with a killer income, to please someone else, to add one more designation after our names or one more […]


Crisis Text Line – a back to school necessity!

Wow. It hurts to write this. Summer is almost over and the back to school mentality has already kicked in full gear. Even though I homeschool, the school room is being prepared to add another little munchkin to the Griffin Academy. School supply shopping has officially begun, but with having the supplies and clothes purchased […]


Walmart manager takes sexual poster off wall after mom speaks up!

Recently, I got this very encouraging voice mail from a dear friend of mine who lives just across town. I can’t possibly share this story any better than to tell you exactly what she said. “I was walking in Walmart this morning and there’s this picture of a movie that just came out, “It Follows” and it […]

Mom asks Walmart manager to take this poster down from store wall so her kids wouldn't have to see it. Manager nicely removes the poster. We can all speak up in our communities today just like this mom who's busy raising three teens!

Beyonce says she’s demon possessed. I agree.

“Right before I performed for the BET awards, I raised my hands up and it was the first time I felt something else come into me. I knew that was going to be my coming out night at the award show,” explained Beyonce in a recent interview. Satan works overtime to deceive the masses through none […]

Beyonce' says she's Demon possessed.  A spirit named Sasha Fierce "enters her" when she's about to perform on stage.  Learn the inside scoop of numerous celebs who've said they're working on behalf of Satan.